Thorough pest control services in Somerset

Are rats causing extensive damage to your properties or produce?  Is a wasp nest causing problems in your garden? Contact the pest control expert at Apollo Environmental Services, Bridgwater, today.

Pest control across the whole of Somerset

Apollo Environmental Services offers professional pest control for both domestic and commercial customers. Whether it's rodents, birds or insect infestations we can help. To arrange an appointment please call today, for general enquiries either call or send an email. Apollo Environmental Services is based in Bridgwater and serves across Somerset.
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Your local pest control specialist

Apollo Environmental Services was started in 1989 by a disillusioned farm worker, back in the heady days of high house prices and Filofaxes.
 How times change. Now we have high house prices and mobile phones. Having met a few pests on the various farms I had worked on and having been assured that I could make a million, into business I went. Back in the old days, when men were men and women ruled the country, setting up a business was easy. Mr Health and Safety and Mr Endless Regulation were still in nappies and romping around a play pen with sharp edges, pointy-out bits and non-sterile surfaces, while being supervised by an inappropriate adult who did not have any NVQs.
 This allowed me just to go out and be a pest control man.

Over the next few years I learnt from my mistakes, attended many training courses and developed my business. 
Today I still have most of the customers who entrusted me with the task of keeping their home or business pest free. Now of course, health and safety, and various regulations, are standardised for every type of business and I comply with them all. As I rapidly approach twenty years of pest controlling I continue to develop and improve the service I provide.

Based in Bridgwater I serve both domestic and commercial customers across Somerset.

What do I offer?

  • Prompt and friendly attendance at commercial and domestic premises in Somerset
  • Initial visit, advice and quote, free of charge
  • The benefit of our specialised knowledge accrued over 20 years in the business of pest control
  • Detailed and considered analysis of the nature of the problem, the cause of the problem and the most cost effective course of action
  • Individually tailored contracts where ongoing treatment or pest prevention is prescribed
  • Compliance and assistance with the health and safety legislation
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Pest control on a contract basis

All the contracts I carry out are tailored to the needs of the individual business. There is no charge to give a quotation. The number of visits made during the year will depend on the risk of infestation from the various types of pest. For example, a farm would be considered high risk for both rats and mice, so a monthly visit would be recommended. 

A pub would generally be considered low risk so a quarterly visit would be enough. In some cases a contract will have to be taken out in order to comply with regulations and recommendations from various inspectorates. When this is the case, a minimum number of visits may be specified, regardless of risk. 
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For professional and reliable pest control services in Bridgwater, Somerset, call Apollo Environmental Services on
07970 629 110

For a fast response please call, otherwise send us your enquiries

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